The Dean machine can’t seem to find any dirt on me, so they’ve created their own, attempting to depict me, a lifelong conservative Republican, as a “woke liberal.”   
Ironically, there are those who would consider Henry Dean to be a “woke liberal” for attempting to mandate masks during Covid (6/23/20) and because he “wished to celebrate June as Pride Month” in St. Johns County. (BOCC minutes 6/7/22)
Some of the accusations attempt to link me to corporate “woke” advocacy of my past employers, and even claim pharmaceuticals are “woke” that I had no involvement with. 
And yet, coming in 2026, every “woke” drug company will be made richer at St. Johns County’s new Publix central fill pharmaceutical facility that Henry Dean made the motion to approve – in his own district! Dean voted to enrich the very drug company that his PAC blamed ME for being lenient on criminals.  The hypocrisy burns.
I believe this commercial was developed to deflect from recent revelations about Commissioner Dean – that he and his wife have donated 11 times to Democrats including Andrew Gillum, Corrine Brown, Bill Nelson and others.*
All but one of these 11 donations are in Henry Dean’s name.*  These attacks attempt to refocus the public’s attention away from Dean’s own lack of commitment to the Republican party. 
The commercial claims I want “more regulations and less rights for taxpayers.” The only regulations I’ve supported strictly pertain to reducing clearcutting and other tree protections that residents have signaled they support.  The attack mailer brazenly lies that tree protection measures are a “tax.”
The mailer even states a dollar amount ($ 7 million!) that they claim I want to impose. A tax requires a super-majority vote of 4 commissioners, but it only took 3 commissioners to reject these measures, proving that Whitehurst’s term, “tree tax” was a calculated deception. (One of many.)
I will never approve a tax such as Dean and Whitehurst placed on the ballot which would have cost taxpayers half a billion dollars over 10 years. Thankfully it was defeated in a landslide.
Henry Dean gave a lukewarm approval of some tree protection measures, but somehow, the “tree tax” accusations do not apply to him! Only to me! That’s because he’s funded by developers and has approved their bulldozing 31 square miles of our county. (20,000 acres, by his own admission.**)
The attack mailer even holds me responsible for the manufacture of puberty-blocking drugs leading to sex changes in children. I have had no involvement with any such drug, but ironically, Henry Dean will be helping to distribute puberty blocking drugs in his own district with the central fill facility he made the motion to approve.  
The TV commercial and mailer both accuse me of working for “woke” companies.  In my 25 years employed by Fortune 500 Companies in the medical field, I have worked for executives whose political views I do not support.  This fact has not compromised my own personal political views.
Considering that Henry Dean spent eight years of his career lobbying for “Big Sugar” – among the biggest polluters of the Everglades which has cost taxpayers billions to clean up*  – I have to wonder why he’s worrying about a past “woke” boss of mine. 
After 8 years of enabling sugar growers to pollute and burn the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, Dean went on to 8 years paving over our county.   And now he calls himself the “Conservation Commissioner!”
The mailer’s final claim refers to a “group” which is actually the St. Johns County Republican Party that has endorsed me and wants to shrink, not grow the size of government.  It is not “backed by liberal special interests,” but by Republicans who want to slow the growth and take back our county from developers.
On August 20th you can vote for an incumbent who has enriched special interests at our expense for almost 16 years, or you can vote for a candidate who will represent the interests of residents, with integrity and transparency.
I hope I can count on your vote.

*Fl. Dept. of State, Division of Elections and Federal Election Commission ;  Click on “Lobbyist Search,”  both Legislative and Executive     **Dean Facebook post