Is Ann Taylor a Liberal?

If you asked that question you probably just watched one of the False Attack Ads from the Developer backed PAC “Fight for Tomorrow”.

Meet the Real Ann Taylor: Exposing the Lies and Sharing the Truth

The Big Developers that currently control our County Commissioners cannot afford to lose their power! They need the help of Henry Dean, Christian Whitehurst, and Roy Alaimo to keep building until St Johns County looks like Orlando!

The Developer backed County Commissioners running for re-election are getting desperate!

They have stooped as low as running ads calling Ann Taylor a Woke Liberal because she has advocated for the reduction of clearcutting from a very high 95% for PUDs, and other tree-related protections such as alerting a resident if clearcutting is planned within 300 feet of their home and calling for a natural vegetation privacy buffer between developments. Developers hate that! Providing Zero Proof to back up their lie.

So ask yourself this question. If you would like to see less clear cutting and demand that developers leave more trees standing are you a woke liberal also??

Ann Taylor Conservative Republican St Johns CountyLie: Ann Taylor is a Woke Liberal

Fact: Ann Taylor has been a registered Republican her entire adult life.

Fact: Ann has always supported Republican candidates in presidential races including Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, and supported Ron DeSantis for congress and Governor.
Fact: Ann Taylor is running for County Commissioner as a true Conservative Republican and wants to slow the growth, and get our fiscal house in order without raising taxes!

Claim: Henry Dean is a Conservative Republican

Fact: Henry Dean donates to Democrats quite often!

Fact: Henry Dean claims to be a conservative Republican but Dean and his wife have donated to Democrats on many occasions.

Here are a few of the most notable Democrats they donated $$ to:

  • Andrew Gillum for Governor
  • Bill Nelson for Senator (4 times)
  • Corrine Brown for Congress (jailed for fraud)

Sources: FL. Dept of State, Division of Elections and Fed. Election Commission

Claim: Henry Dean is the Conservation Commissioner

Fact: Henry Dean was a Lobbyist for Big Sugar for 8 years.

henry dean big sugar king of st johns countyFact: Right up until he first ran for Commissioner in 2016 using his full name Isaac H. Dean he was a registered lobbyist for Big Sugar one of the biggest polluters in Florida. 
Fact: He claims he has dedicated his life to conservation efforts, yet for 8 years he lobbied to enable Florida Crystals Corporation to destroy the Florida Everglades.


Claim: In his Developer backed PAC ads Dean claims he is slowing the growth.

Fact: In his first five years in office, Dean voted in favor of new development projects 120 out of 121 times, as documented by official Board of County Commissioners records.

Fact: He has approved nearly 30,000 homes and voted to develop over 22,000 acres.

Sources: BOCC agendas and minutes

Fact: The developers hiding behind their huge PACs want to buy this election in August by promoting the incumbents and attacking the opponents with lies and deceptive ads!
Fact: St Johns County voters are smarter than that. They see the problems every time they sit in traffic on our over crowded roads, see another clear cut parcel of land, or see new schools that within months already have portables.

What is the Developers in St Johns County’s worst nightmare?

They fear that Slow the Growth challengers like Conservative Republicans Ann Taylor, Ann Marie Evans, and Clay Murphy will unseat their choices Dean, Whitehurst, and Alaimo.

Don’t Let the False Attack Ads fool you! You can Slow the Growth and Take Back our County from Greedy Developers by Voting on August 20th 2024!

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