Meet Ann Taylor

Leading with Heart, Vision, and Determination

I’m Ann Taylor, mother of two teenage sons who currently attend St. Johns County schools; they are the inspiration for my candidacy, as our schools struggle to keep up with our county’s unbridled growth. A top priority of mine as county commissioner will be to slow the growth and ensure that we have a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for our children.

My husband Jeff is my rock, and I’m grateful to have him by my side on this journey to help take back our county from developer-driven government and the impacts it’s had on quality of life, county-wide.

I am honored to have the endorsement of Commissioner Krista Joseph. For us to have a majority on the board representing residents, not developers, we need at least two more commissioners who will vote to to slow the growth and govern our county, free of financial pressure from developer interests. I am ready to be one of those commissioners, and I hope I can count on your vote.

Serving My Community
I am a fiscal conservative, putting my principles into practice this past year while serving as HOA Board of Directors President for my community of 300 homes. I negotiated contracts that saved my neighborhood over $30,000 in expenses in just a few short months. This is during a time with high inflation, when the costs of most services have increased, and many HOAs have had to increase their dues. 

I do not see fiscal conservatism practiced at the Board of County Commissioners meetings I attend, where major expenditures are finalized without triple bids, and our tax dollars are often spent carelessly. While our commissioners waste our tax dollars, they ask for more tax dollars. The buck will stop when I am elected.

In a recent critical issue facing our community, I led the charge against the school board’s proposal to rezone our long established neighborhood away from the middle school we had been part of for over 15 years. Through organizing community meetings, rallying support, and presenting our case with conviction and facts, I led the effort to win that battle. 

This victory was crucial in maintaining educational consistency for our children, and ensuring they could continue their educations in a familiar and supportive school environment. I want more wins for our children, our elderly, and all of our citizens. I’ve seen enough “wins” for developers which often become losses for the rest of the county.

Who I Am, What I’ve Done
I’m a committed Christian and proud United States citizen whose love for our country and county is what drives me to want to make a difference. Since moving to St. Augustine from Arizona ten years ago, I’ve become deeply involved in serving my community, and now I’m committed to serve my county as Commissioner, District 5.

I graduated from Arizona State University on an academic scholarship with a Bachelor of Science in Business. I have over 25 years of experience in the medical industry, I retired from my sales and marketing career two years ago. I helped bring to market medical breakthroughs for patients with cardiac and other life-threatening conditions.

My work also helped improve the quality of lives of patients with neurological challenges. And now, my goal is to recover the quality of life we once had in St. Johns County by advocating for residents the way I once advocated for patients. Empathy, ethics, and effective problem-solving were essential to my career in the private sector, and I will bring all three to the role of County Commissioner. 

Together, We Can Take Back Our County
Every day, we sit in traffic that is worsening, while outside our car windows we see the massive, clear-cut swaths of acreage that signal where the next thousand homes will go, with no regard to impacts on the population. After approving the SilverLeaf Expansion despite overwhelming opposition to it, my opponent, Commissioner Dean, casually told a reporter that road needs for the development will cost taxpayers $50 million. He was heavily funded by the SilverLeaf developer, and that sums up how things work in this county.

The Election of Commissioner Joseph to the board can only make a real difference when two people join her on the board to create a majority of commissioners NOT funded by developers. This is the year that we can make that happen. St. Johns County is at a critical juncture, where leaders representing the will of the people, not the development community, can have a majority on the board. I hope I can count on your vote, and I invite you to contact me to share what’s important to you.

My Vision for Our County.

I am not just running for office; I am advocating for a significant shift in how we govern our county. Facing an opponent backed by big developer donations, my campaign is a grassroots movement powered by people like you – citizens who are frustrated with the status quo and who recognize the urgent need for change.

Join me in building a future where residents’ needs are met, and our community truly thrives. Your support, your voice, and your vote are what will drive us towards a better future for St. Johns County. 

Together, we can take back our county.

Recent Volunteer Experience

President, Kensington HOA Board of Directors, St. Augustine 

Member of HOA Board of Directors, St. Augustine Ocean and Racquet Resort, St. Augustine Beach

Member O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) Northeast Florida Conductor Club – to rescue children from human trafficking

Organized and managed polling place volunteers during 2022 mid-term elections; poll watcher 2020 election

Volunteer with Tim Tebow Foundation

Volunteer at multiple St. Johns County Schools as well as Parent Teacher Organization and Student Advisory Committee