St Johns County Florida Primary Election 2024 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the 2024 Primary Election for St. Johns County Commissioners?

A: The 2024 primary election for St Johns County Commissioners is August 20th 2024. Elect Ann Taylor and Ann Marie Evans in the Republican primary. You must be registered Republican by July 22 to have a voice in this decisive election.

Q: Who is Running Against Henry Dean?

A: Ann Taylor is the candidate who is running against Henry Dean in the St. Johns County Commissioner election. She is campaigning on a ‘slow the growth’ platform, opposing Henry Dean’s pro-growth policies that many believe have contributed to issues like overcrowded schools, over-capacity roads, and uncontrolled land development. The election on August 20, 2024, offers voters a chance to choose a new direction for the county by supporting a candidate focused on sustainable growth.

Q: Why is the August 20, 2024 Primary Election for County Commissioners so important?

A: The August 20, 2024 Primary Election for County Commissioners is so important because many voters are sick and tired of the out of control growth that has led to overloaded roads, overcrowded schools and many other infrastructure issues. The developer backed incumbents Henry Dean, Christian Whitehurst, and Roy Alaimo would love it if Republican voters stayed home on August 20, so they can sneak back in and continue to rubber stamp anything the developers want. If you wait until November 4th it will be too late. When voter turnout is low, it usually helps the incumbents get re-elected. If you are one of the many frustrated St Johns County voters that wants change you must vote in the primary. Vote for Ann Taylor over Henry Dean and Ann Marie Evans over Christian Whitehurst.

Q: Do I get to vote for all County Commissioners on August 20, 2024?

A: Yes! The County Commission is elected at large, which means they represent the whole county, not just part of it. Voters can vote for all county commissioners. However, the only districts up for election in 2024 are Districts 1, District 3, and District 5. Voters in District 2 and 4 are still urged to vote for the other district representatives.

  • Slow the Growth Republican candidate Ann Taylor is running against the developer backed incumbent Henry Dean in district 5. You must choose one.
  • Slow the Growth Republican candidate Ann Marie Evans is running against the developer backed incumbent Christian Whitehurst in district 1. You must choose one.

Q: Who are the county commissioners in St. Johns County?

A: Here is a list of the current County Commissioners in St johns County and their opponents in the up coming August 20, 2024 election.

  • Developer Backed – Christian Whitehurst, District 1. – Opponent – Slow the Growth Ann Marie Evans
  • Developer Backed – Sarah Arnold, District 2 – Not up for re-election in 2024
  • Developer Backed – Roy Alaimo, District 3 – Opponent 
  • Slow the Growth – Krista Joseph, District 4 – Not up for re-election in 2024 
  • Developer Backed – Henry Dean, District 5 – Opponent – Slow the Growth Ann Taylor

Q: How do I register to vote in St Johns County?

A: To register to vote in St. Johns County, you may request a registration application be mailed to you by calling the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections at (904) 823-2238 or you may register online at

A Florida Voter Registration Application form can also be obtained from any of Florida’s mandated sites, including public libraries, tax collectors’ offices, centers for independent living, offices providing public assistance or serving persons with disabilities, Armed Forces recruiting offices, and Supervisor of Elections’ Offices.

Q: Do I have to be a registered Republican to vote For Ann Taylor in the August 20, 2024 primary?

A: Yes, to vote in this county commissioner primary you must be a registered Republican. State law does not allow non-republicans to vote in a Republican primary.

Q: What are the early voting dates?

A: Early voting for the primary election will take place from August 10, 2024, to August 17, 2024. 9 AM – 6 PM | Daily at all locations