Who Are the County Commissioners in St Johns County?

who are the county commissioners in st johns county?The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners is a group of five elected officials collectively charged with administering county government.

The commission acts as the executive of the local government, levying local taxes, managing county governmental institutions such as the Tax Collector’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Public Health oversight, building code enforcement, and Public Works. Each commissioner serves a 4-year term.

On August 20, 2024 Republican registered voters will have a chance to change the direction of the out of control growth affecting our quality of life in St Johns County.

All 3 incumbents running for re-election are developer backed and will continue to back the out of control growth. It is time for a change as several county citizens have stepped up to give you the voter a voice again in how our county is run. 

You must be a registered Republican to vote in the primary on August 20 2024. Failure to show up and exercise your right to vote will result in more out of control growth and continued strain on our infrastructure,.

Say No to the Developers backing the incumbents for re-election!

Current County Commissioners in St Johns County FL:

  1. Christian Whitehurst, District 1:
  • Up for Re-election August 20 2024 – Known for supporting rapid development and growth within the county.
  1. Sarah Arnold, District 2, Chair:
  • Not up for re-election in 2024 – Votes with the developer backed 3 incumbents up for re-election in 2024
  1. Roy Alaimo, District 3, Vice-Chair:
  • Up for Re-election August 20 2024 – Pro-growth policies have contributed to the county’s significant development challenges.
  1. Krista Joseph, District 4:
  • The lone voice for growth restraint. Always out voted 4-1 – Not up for Re-election in 2024
  1. Henry Dean, District 5:
  • Up for Re-election August 20 2024 – Focuses on approving housing and development initiatives, contributing to the county’s rapid growth issues.

 St Johns County Commissioner Incumbents Up for Re-Election:

Three developer backed incumbents who have been responsible for the county’s out-of-control growth, overcrowded schools, and endless traffic are up for re-election on August 20, 2024.

These commissioners, backed by developers, have promoted pro-growth policies that many residents feel have negatively impacted the community.

They are:

  • Henry Dean (District 5)
  • Christian Whitehurst (District 1)
  • Roy Alaimo (District 3)

Slow the Growth Candidates running for County Commissioner in 2024:

Slow the Growth Candidates:

To address these issues, two candidates running on a ‘slow the growth’ platform are:

  • Ann Taylor

  • Ann Marie Evans

These candidates aim to bring a balanced approach to development, focusing on sustainable growth and addressing the infrastructure and quality of life concerns that have arisen due to rapid expansion.

Current St. Johns County Commissioners: Who Are They?

Many St. Johns County voters may not be aware of the names of the current County Commissioners.

However, the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic due to over-capacity roads, see your child learning from a portable classroom in a new school, or witness another massive clear-cutting of land contributing to uncontrolled growth, remember these names.

The 3 incumbents to vote out on August 20 2024:

  • Henry Dean (District 5)
  • Christian Whitehurst (District 1)
  • Roy Alaimo (District 3)

Important Republican Primary on August 20, 2024

The upcoming Republican primary on August 20, 2024, is crucial as it will decide the direction of St. Johns County for years to come. This election will determine whether the county continues its rapid development or adopts a more controlled growth approach.

 Attend County Commission Meetings:

The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am. The meetings take place in the County Auditorium, located at 500 San Sebastian View in St. Augustine. These sessions are open to the public, providing an opportunity for residents to stay informed and participate in local governance.

For residents and interested parties, staying updated on the actions and decisions of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners is essential.

Registered Republicans must vote on August 20 2024!

The upcoming primary election will play a crucial role in shaping the county’s future, addressing growth challenges, and ensuring sustainable development.