Henry Dean - St. Johns County Commissioner Voting Record

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Henry Dean Voting Record:
A Track Record of Overdevelopment

In St. Johns County, it’s time our local governance reflects our community’s urgent needs, rather than the ambitions of developers. The Henry Dean Voting Record has burdened our county with unchecked growth, leading to jam-packed roads and overcrowded schools. We need a County Commissioner who addresses these issues head-on.

Incumbent County Commissioner Henry Dean’s voting record speaks volumes about his priorities. In his first five years in office, Dean voted in favor of new development projects 120 out of 121 times, as documented by official Board of County Commissioners records. This trend has significantly contributed to the infrastructural strain our community currently faces.

A Case in Point: The SilverLeaf Expansion vote in 2022

Despite overwhelming public opposition, County Commissioner Dean voted “YES” on the massive 5600-home SilverLeaf expansion. After the vote, he told the media that the development would cost taxpayers $50 million for road need

Deflecting Responsibility

County Commissioner Dean now passes the blame to previous county commissioners for the county’s overcapacity roads and overcrowded schools. However, the official records tell a different story—one of continuous approvals with few denials – approvals that only compound the problems created by his predecessors and set us up for continued overdevelopment in the coming years.

Ann Taylor: A Vision for Slower Growth

Ann Taylor is the candidate who stands against developer-backed pressures, advocating for slower, thoughtful growth that respects our community’s character and capacity. Her campaign is built on the pillars of transparency, accountability, and true public service.

Make Your Voice Heard on August 20th 2024

On August 20th, 2024 voters will have a chance to slow the pace of St Johns County’s growth. It’s time we had a county commissioner in district 5 who truly represents residents needs not developers interests.

Ann Taylor is committed to revising our growth strategy to ensure that St. Johns County remains a wonderful place to live, not just to build.

The Cost of SilverLeaf Expansion...
According to Henry Dean

Another Henry Dean YES Vote in 2022 Not included
in the above PDF added 5600 more homes!

In May 2022, a major development that underscores the fiscal irresponsibility of current leadership, Commissioner Henry Dean voted in favor of the controversial 5,600-home SilverLeaf expansion. This decision came despite strong opposition from the community, highlighting a disregard for public sentiment and infrastructure considerations.

Adding insult to injury, Commissioner Dean acknowledged on camera that this expansion would burden St. Johns County taxpayers with an estimated $50 million in road expansion costs. This admission not only reflects the financial impact of such unchecked development but also contradicts the fiscal prudence expected from elected officials.

CLICK HERE to watch the entire interview on Action News Jax

As we evaluate the true cost of growth in St. Johns County, let’s remain focused on the broader implications: the sustainability of our community, the quality of life for existing and future residents, and the careful stewardship of taxpayer dollars. 

It’s time for leadership that sees beyond developer investments to the real needs of our community.

‘Doesn’t make sense’: St. Johns County Commissioners
approve expansion after community shows concern

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Together, we can take back our county.