The Facts about Henry Dean's Conservation Track Record

Henry Dean’s Conservation Claims

If you are a voter in St. Johns County, you are probably receiving quite a few political flyers in your mailbox and seeing numerous ads on TV regarding our County Commissioners up for re-election on August 20th, 2024.
  • Henry Dean’s ads are claiming he is the Conservation Commissioner of St. Johns County, boasting he led the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program.
  • A recent mailbox flyer claims;  Henry Dean has dedicated his life to conservation efforts across Florida.

Questionable Conservationist Credentials – Big Sugar Lobbyist until 2015!

How is Isaac H. Dean a “conservationist” when he was a lobbyist for “Big Sugar” for 7 years, removing himself just one year before running for County Commissioner as Henry Dean?

How could he lobby for one of Florida’s worst polluters, contributing to massive destruction of the Florida Everglades that cost taxpayers billions and harms health with massive crop burning?


For those of you new to the county or unaware of the massive damage being done to our Everglades and surrounding lakes, Big Sugar over the years has paid millions to lobbyists to do their bidding in Tallahassee.

Using his full name Isaac H. Dean, he lobbied for Florida Crystals Corporation until one year before running for County Commissioner in 2016.

Using the huge financial backing of developers, Henry Dean is flooding St Johns County voters with ads and it is up to you to make sure all the facts are true!
It’s important to look beyond the ads and flyers to uncover the truth about Henry Dean’s conservation track record.

Make an informed decision when you vote on August 20th, 2024.

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